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The Word on Circus: May 2013

“I wanna Juggle Too!” – Teaching Juggling to Little Kids

eJuggle, the official publication of International Jugglers’ Association. May 20, 2013.

The saddest part for me was watching the youngest kids leave with the impression that they had failed and that juggling was no fun at all. My heart went out to the little guys, so my juggling partner and I began to divide and conquer … I set out to learn what I could about how to make juggling fun for the little ones. Those pre-school and early elementary kids taught me a lot through trial and error, and I would like to share what I have learned.

Battambang, Cambodia: Achieving Fame Through a Circus

Travel Daily News. May 15, 2013.

Their names are Dina, Sothea, Sovanna or Vanthan. These young men are all in their early twenties. They generally share the same difficult background: no parents, poverty. But they are all animated with the same will of achieving a new life through art. But they are currently travelling through France with a spectacular show, a mix of theater review, dances and circus performances. They all share the dream of Phare Ponleu Selpak, one of Cambodia’s most innovative cultural institutions.

Duncan Wall’s top picks for the best acts in contemporary circus

Men’s Journal. May 7, 2013.

“Contrary to what many Americans still think, [Duncan Wall] tells ‘Men’s Journal,’ the circus has come along way from scary Bozos and elephant poop. There are definitely efforts underway to create an intellectual approach to the circus in North America,” he says. “We want to teach people how to think about the circus.”


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