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The Word on Circus: August 2013

The Circus Comes to Town Juggling Fun With Life Lessons

Seattle Times. August 15, 2013.

Seattle is hosting its first American Youth Circus Festival, drawing 300 students and instructors from across the country — and a handful from beyond — for five days of lessons and practice sessions in dozens of circus-related skills … By the time they head home Sunday, these visitors, from 8 to 21 years old, will be slightly better at juggling, unicycle riding or flying on a trapeze. More importantly, they’ll be a step closer to being strong, confident, goal-oriented, community-minded young adults.

How to Run Away and Join The Circus

Backstage. August 7, 2013.

Over the course of five days and more than 150 skill- and discussion-based workshops, young circus aficionados from 30 states and three countries will flock to feed their hunger for an art that occupies a niche market.

‘Absinthe’ high-wire performers show bravery and skill

Las Vegas Review-Journal. August 4, 2013.

There’s a moment — a millisecond, really — when you’re suspended in the air, only a half-inch wire between life and possible death. In that sliver of time, fear bubbles up from your belly. It’s your instinct trying to warn you that danger lies ahead.

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