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The Word on Circus: November 2013

Performers without Borders recently posted a video from its trip to Granada, Nica, in early 2013.

Brattleboro native’s documentary reveals beauty, art of the circus industry. November 1, 2013. By Brattleboro Reformer newspaper.

[Angela Snow] said her film follows five top circus acts from around the world to the Monte-Carlo Circus Festival, which she described as the industry’s equivalent of The Sundance Film Festival or the Olympics. She said it lifts the veil on the history, culture and behind-the-scenes life of the circus on an international scale through interviews with the founder of the Big Apple Circus, the owner of Ringling Bros. Circus, and the artistic director of Cirque du Soleil.

Watch the trailer:

Visit the World Circus website: http://worldcircusculturemovie.com/

A unique circus school in Palestine. November 14, 2013. On gulfnews.com.

For Shadi Zmorrod, it began as a love for juggling. Soon, the Palestinian Circus School took shape, and now he is aiming for a wider social impact.

Circus performer brings message performance to Northfield. November 2, 2013. On Glencoe News.

Born in Awasa, Ethiopia, Tamrat and other children in the village had little to no food to eat. At the age of 8, Meshu and his peers formed the Debub Nigat (Southern Dawn) Circus. The circus performed in the town market as a way to earn money for food.

The Circus Project. November 29, 2013. The Oregonian.

“Gradually, I got a lot stronger. I could do pull-ups, which was really exciting! As things have progressed, I have more confidence in the way that I carry myself, not only up in the air but also just in the world around me.”

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