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A Glimpse Backstage at Phare…

Editor’s Note: This blog post is originally published at Phare Cambodian Circus’ blog. You can read the original piece at this link.
Ever wondered what really goes on backstage at a show? So have we. We decided to poll our artists and get some of their backstage pre-performance routines to share with you. Many of their show preparations won’t surprise you, but there are some interesting things you may not have thought of.There is a unanimous necessity that everyone has probably thought of: warming up! Hurling yourself through the air, balancing yourself or someone else on your hands, etc. requires getting your muscles plenty warm before walking onto a stage in front of hundreds of people. To attempt performing “cold” would mean failed stunts – and most importantly – injury. Performers arrive 2-3 hours before the show to prepare the stage and to get warm. This means stretching, and always, lots of handstands…©Aaron Joel Santos

As you might have guessed, our musicians (Vanthan pictured here) often get their minds focused with some headphones on to get in the proper mood…backstage (2)


Next up is the make-up. Depending on the show and the costumes involved, make-up can take up to an hour. We have a make-up artist and performers help one another with body paint and drawings…

©Aaron Joel Santos

Artists often must step outside to quickly re-apply before going back onstage – it’s hot in Cambodia – sweat and smearing of paint are a part life for the artists… And the lipstick has to be perfect!…

backstage (4)backstage (5)

Lastly, a surprising favorite once the make-up is complete is the word famous “selfie.” And what better way to get in the mood to perform than be your own audience right before the show? And when you come see a production, you can get a pic with the artists as well right after every show…  Don’t be shy – they love the camera and you’ll have your own selfie to post. Share in the fun with us on facebook:

©Aaron Joel Santos


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