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Greetings from ASCA

ASCA – Asia-Pacific Social Circus Association – is a new association for social circus programs throughout the Asia-Pacific region.

ASCA, based in Jakarta, Indonesia, intends to be a meaningful source of information and resources for those who support arts and education, and personal development, for young people across the region.

With the support of Cirque du Soleil, ASCA aims to connect social circus groups from across the region and build a stable and reliable network to facilitate the sharing of ideas, experiences, and resources between its members.

ASCA will also be working to establish a volunteers exchange program and plans to host conferences and events across where members can meet and participate in the exchange of knowledge, skills and training.

Founding members of ASCA include Dan Roberts of the Red Nose Foundation, Richard Barber from the Makhampom Theatre Group, Travis Johnson of the Vancouver Circus School, and Jerry Snell from Circus Action International.

Membership during 2013 is free and will give members access to:

  • Networking opportunities;
  • Volunteer exchange program;
  • A quarterly newsletter with news and updates about member groups;
  • Up-to-date information about grant opportunities;
  • Access to ASCA organized events and training seminars;
  • Exposure to potential sponsors
 Over the next two months, ASCA will be working hard to establish the groundwork for ASCA.
In the meantime, feel free to get in touch, whether it be just to say a quick hello, to find out more about what ASCA has planned for 2013 and beyond.
Individuals and groups can register with ASCA through the Members page on this blog.
We look forward to connecting with all social circus groups in the region and hope that you will consider becoming a part of ASCA.
Contact ASCA: asca@rednosefoundation.org