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Founding members of ASCA include:


Let’s Circus, United Kingdom

Circability Trust, New Zealand

Circus in Motion, Singapore

Phare Ponleu Selpak, Cambodia

Green Fools Physical Theatre, Canada

Performers Without Borders, United Kingdom

Cirkidz Inc, Australia

Cirqueon, Czech Republic

Flying Fruit Fly Circus, Australia

Vertical Circus, Australia

Macau Youth Circus Arts, Macau

Westside Circus, Australia

Australian Circus and Physical Theatre Assoc. (ACAPTA), Australia

National Institute of Circus Arts Australia (NICA), Australia

Viva Vertical, Hong Kong

Mobile Mini Circus for Children, Afghanistan

KELY Support Group Limited, Hong Kong

Beyond Social Services, Singapore

One Love Theatre, Ethiopia

Freedom Matters, United Kingdom/Nepal


Rob FireNix, NZ – Performer

Robyn Hambrook, United Kingdom – Performer, Circus Central

Colt Sandberg, Macau – MASSFX, Founder/Director

Koshu Kunii, United Kingdom – Volunteer, Albert & Friends Circus

Wan Irfayuim Azim, Malaysia – Volunteer, Red Nose Studio & Entertainment

Paulina Almeida, Portugal – Director

Emily Tan, Hong Kong – Director, Viva Vertical

Andrea Ousley, Australia – Coordinator Social and Community Circus at NICA

Alyssa Venning, Australia – Training Centre Director at Circa Contemporary Circus


ONG Artes para la Vida, Chile

Hong Kong Social Circus Limited (Formerly Dream Social Circus), Hong Kong

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